Moose Jaw Co-Op

Now carrying NorthernEdge® Organic Retail Products!

What does Co-Op have to say:

“Moose Jaw Co-op is your locally invested and community-minded Co-operative Association providing top-quality goods and services. If you’re a Co-op member, you’re an owner! Your membership with Moose Jaw Co-op offers you cash back and the opportunity to build equity. Moose Jaw Co-op is enthusiastic about supporting and showcasing local producers and vendors and strengthening relationships within the community. We are part of your hometown and we care about and support the causes that matter most to you. We are your neighbors. Doing business with your Co-op creates good jobs and economic activity in your community.”


    Oat Rice Philly Rolls

    NorthernEdge and Co-Op Moose Jaw

    With their extensive local producer support program, we are now offering all of our retail products through their store! Grab all of your fibre, protein, and omega EFA ingredients today!

    Feel free to send us some pictures of your meals containing our NorthernEdge® ingredients!

    Try Some Recipes!

    Taiwanese Minced Pork over Oat Rice

    Taiwanese Minced Pork

    Taiwanese Minced Pork over NorthernEdge® Oat Rice 

    You Guessed It!

    NorthernEdge® Jamalaya Oat Rice Recipe with Chicken, Oat Rice, Vegetables


    Jambalaya made with NorthernEdge® Oat Rice 

    Find it Here!

    Risalamande made from NorthernEdge® Oat Rice


    Danish Almond Pudding with a Creamy Sauce.

    You know What to Do!

    Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Oat Rice)

    Nasi Goreng

    Indonesian Fried Oat Rice 

    Yes Please!!!

    NorthernEdge® Oat Rice Philly Rolls

    Oat Rice Philly Rolls

    Our very own Philly Rolls version
    with a twist

    You Are Here!

    Chahan (Japanese egg Fried Oat Rice)


    Japanese Egg Fried Oat Rice

    Go Get It!