Contract Packaging & Private Label

Liquid & Oil Packaging

Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. specializes in offering a wide variety of oil filling and bulk packaging/repackaging services, including sourcing different types of packaging such as bottles, jars, spouted pouches, bag-in-box, and more. With state-of-the-art liquid filling machines and a dedicated team, we are well-equipped to handle any liquid packaging project efficiently and with top-quality service.

Why Northern Nutraceuticals inc.

We are Creating a Prosperous Community

Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. hires local members for our community, keeping our local grocer stocked and our local post office in operation.

Every pouch and container filled in our facility has been touch by at least one person!


The Heart of Saskatchewan

Sourcing ingredients from farmers located near us, and processing and packaging and shipping the ingredients abroad. It is just what we do!

Why WE Do it

Giving Back

Having the capability to give back to our community gives us joy. We cannot be more excited to package you products!

Give us a call and see how we can help you.

Employee Happiness

The wellbeing of our employees means the world to Northern Nutraceuticals Inc.!

Ethical Sourcing

Our farmers’ wellbeing is more important to us than profitability.

Rooted in the Community

Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. was established in Spalding, Saskatchewan, by a 2nd generation farmer who believed in more.