Diversity of Flaxseed

 Flaxseed (also known as linseed) has been around for thousands of years across the world. Many uses for this plant have been discovered over the years, including textile production and even oil paint! But what about this magical purple flower that is so useful in our diets?

Here at Northern Nutraceuticals Inc., we have close relationships with our local farmers. We sit down with them over a cup of coffee, talk about their plans for their organic rotations, and ensure organic flaxseed is available from the amazing soil in North Central Saskatchewan. Once coffee is done and a deal is agreed upon, a firm handshake occurs, and our all-original 1982 blue Chevy grain truck heads back down the road to bring us a load of these amazing seeds home. We strongly believe that the care and passion that these independent organic farmers demonstrate every day leads to a truly amazing product that we can bring to the world. That is the main purpose of this plant—the seed!

Flax seeds mainly consist of two varieties or colors: brown and yellow. They both have similar nutritional properties and fatty acid properties. The seed can be processed in two main ways in our facility: either cold-milled or cold-pressed. Fun Fact: Flaxseed oil is one of the oldest commercial oils available. Here is a list of some of the industries we serve, just to give you an idea of where the seed and oil are being used:

  • Bakeries: Uses the milled seed as an ingredient as well as an egg replacer, whole seeds as a topping, and the oil as an ingredient.
  • Supplements: The oil is often sold in bottles and consumed as is, or it is added into gummy candies for added Omega 3’s or gel capsules.
  • Beauty Products: Hair and skin care lotions; hair masks and conditioners; massage oils; anti-aging facial creams; cleansers; and various different lip treatments.
  • Pet food industry: defatted flaxseed, oil, and milled seed are often used for pet food supplements and as ingredients in the feed itself.
  • Equine products: Used as an ingredient in horse feed, treats, and supplements.

All that said, you might find yourself asking, “But why is flax used in all of these instances?” Here’s why!

Flaxseed contains roughly 40% lipids, of which 55% belong to the Omega-3 (ALA) EFA category; now that sounds heart healthy, doesn’t it? According to professional health organizations, there has been a reduction of up to 70% in human deaths from coronary heart disease that is associated with diets rich in ALA. Each tablespoon contains more than a gram of ALA.

Besides the ALA content in flaxseed, there are also up to 800 times more lignans in flax than in any other plant source. Lignans, sometimes referred to as phytoestrogens, tend to mimic the action of estrogenic hormones in our body. According to further research done, lignans also show the potential to minimize the negative effects of estrogenic compounds in the human body, which reduces the risk of hormone-dependent cancers in the colon, breast, and prostate. But that’s not all! Flaxseed lignans can also help to reduce menopausal symptoms. Not least.. nor last.. Lignans are known to pack a mean punch of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, lowering the potential for artery-clogging plaques and diabetes.

“Now what about fiber?” you asked. Now, if you are into Keto, fiber is your best friend, and flaxseed is fiber! Consisting of both soluble and insoluble fiber, flaxseed is known as one of the most powerful sources of fiber. Your daily fiber intake can help reduce cardiovascular diseases by lowering cholesterol, and the insoluble fiber will keep your digestive system moving. Flaxseed is often consumed to act as a relief for constipation and keep your colon in good health. Fiber has always been known to be the least tasty nutrient to consume, but not anymore!


Our ready-to-eat flaxseed is available at various different stores as well as on our online store; order some today and receive a freshly milled product and give it a try!

Fresh Ingredients, Superior Quality

Our organic cold-milled flaxseed can be ordered in our retail pouches online, or you can order bulk/wholesale milled flaxseed by reaching out to us by email at [email protected]!

Organic Brown Canadian Flaxseed Whole and Cold-Milled By Northern Nutraceuticals Inc.