Northern Nutraceuticals Inc., is a family owned business located in Spalding, Saskatchewan Canada. We are wholesale distributers of certified organic and conventional nutraceutical ingredients for the healthfood, vitamin and supplement manufacturers. We serve customers around the world and ship our products to locations like Taiwan, Korea, Germany, USA and Italy. Our company grows and processes borage seed oil, organic flaxseed oil and organic hempseed oil. These natural oils are subsequently used in the production of health foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements. Northern Nutraceuticals is also a raw seed exporter of borage seed, flax seed and hemp seed.



Northern Nutraceuticals Inc.

420 Fourth Avenue

Box 40

Spalding, SK  S0K 4C0



Phone: 306.872.4820




Northern Nutraceuticals supplies natural oils destined to be used in natural health products, functional foods and cosmetics around the world. We are a wholesale distributor shipping to customers in Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Italy, USA and other countries. Each oil has a unique "fatty acid profile" which has the potential to maintain optimal health. These oils include borage seed oil, flax seed oil and hemp seed oil. The seeds are expeller pressed which results in an oil in its purest unrefined state. This produces a final product that maintains its original colour with sharp clarity. Expeller pressed or more commonly known as "cold pressed", is a chemical free, mechanical process used to extract the natural oil contained within the seed.


Canada is world renowned for its clean air, water and its healthy environment; the perfect combination for wholesome food. Canadians have a reputation for producing top quality food grains and specialty crops; a reputation that Northern Nutraceuticals meets or exceeds..

NN purchases locally grown seed from conventional and organic growers. Our processing facility is Certified Organic in accordance with OCPP /PRO-CERT Canada and Kosher Certified with Orthodox Union.